How to Delete Orders

Orderimp allows you to easily delete orders from both the app and within Shopify. Some common reasons for deleting orders are mistakes made during field mappings, deciding to add additional information to an order, etc.

We designed a fail-safe to help prevent accidentally deleting orders that cannot be recovered. In order to delete an order from your Shopify store, the order # must first already be imported into Orderimp. This ensures you always have a back-up file in case you decide to re-add any deleted orders.

The app is designed to be easy to use while having powerful tool to prevent import disasters. Orderimp will never import a duplicate order into Shopify, and allows you to import or re-import orders as many times as you need to.

To delete any orders imported head over the to “Orders” screen. You will see three buttons related to deleting orders:


Delete Orders from Last Import:

This allows you to delete all orders from your most recent import. Common reasons include: mistakes made with field mappings, user decided to add additional information to their order file, etc.

Delete Selected:


This option allows you to delete individual orders that are selected from the orders screen. Delete selected simply deletes the orders from within the app. The option to “Delete orders on Shopify too” allows you to remove these orders from your Shopify admin.

Delete Range: This allows you to delete a large set of orders from both within the app and from your Shopify store, choose a range of orders to delete. *note: please our ID’s listed in the column called “Id”


Delete all available orders: This deletes ALL orders within the app.

Delete orders on Shopify too: This deletes ALL orders in Shopify that match the availble orders shown the table on the “Orders” page

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