Orderimp Presets & Field Mapping

Map your Fields:

After uploading your first file, click “Create Preset”

Presets allow you to map the fields in your order file to Shopify’s order fields. Once you set-up your first preset, you continue to upload order files without having to re-map your fields.

Order Tab:


If at any point you need to reference your spreadsheet file, you can simply scroll down below the parameters and you will see a copy of your file.

Once finished with the first page of parameters, press the “Next” button on the lower right to proceed.

Address Tab

Now you are on the “Addresses” tab and you will need to fill in the necessary data here.  Reminder: You can still refer to your original file simply by scrolling down.


Line Items Tab:

Map your product fields here:

orderimp-presets-line items

Details Tab:


Once you reach the final page (Details) and finish your field mappings click “Complete”.

*You can change the name of this preset at any time by simply editing the “Title” field as seen below (currently filled in with “Preset for Orderimp-Samplefile.xls”)

You will now be given a preview of what your orders will look like once they are sent to Shopify.


If any changes need to be made, you can press the “Return and Edit Preset” button at the top right of the page. Otherwise, click on “Send to Shopify”.

*This process is completely reversible if you happen to incorrectly map any fields. After the import you will have the option to “delete orders from last import”. From there you can make the changes to your file or preset and simply re-import your orders.

Next you will see a real time status bar with stats on your current import process. Shopify limits us to about 2 orders per second. You can view your import status by clicking the “orders” link


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