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Orderimp White Glove Service – $99

We offer a full import service for merchants who prefer a managed service for importing their orders.

Our Priority Import Service Includes:

  • File Formatting
  • Mapping your fields to Shopify’s Order Fields using the app’s Presets.
  • Import settings: shipment status, new/historical,
  • Batch fixes for errors remaining after the first import
Available Time Slots

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FAQ | White Glove Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does the process take?

Our Priority imports take 1-5 days on average depending on our backlog, the formatting complexity of the spreadsheet.

Will you fix all errors?

We will do our best to fix 98% of errors, however some errors are somewhat out of our control. The app requires a valid email, address, & name. If these values are missing it will be up to the merchant to fix. We are always able to fill these in with some sample value that makes sense. In most cases merchants are left with 5-50 errors to manually fix. We provide a spreadsheet of the orders to fix or a convenient interface to fill in the data online and publish.

How do I get started?

  • 1. Import Files
  • 2. Temporary staff account access to your store. In Shopify admin add
  • 3. Are these historical orders (paid & shipped)? A mix of both?
  • You can also schedule & pay for our service HERE